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Hey! Whatcha Been Up To? - Tragedy and Triumph [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sloth Skywalker

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Hey! Whatcha Been Up To? [May. 31st, 2012|11:31 am]
Sloth Skywalker

First of all, where did the last.fm music detection button go? Bitches!

Without saying too much, I've been busy being employed. Shit's crazy. Money in my pocket. On my feet for hours on end.

It's not like I never had a job before. I've been punching the clock since I was 14 years old.

I was just on a 3 years hiatus.

Even though I commute on my bicycle, I ride nowhere as hard or fast as I did while I was unemployed.

The joy of cycling has kinda been taken away. It's not like I'm riding for a Pub Crawl, or a Critical Mass, or a cruise, or to funner destinations then work or my bed.

The streets are busy though, man. A young 20 something's hispanic male smashed his car into a tree right in front of the neighborhood. He died at the scene and from what I heard there was a passenger taken into the hospital critically injured. They has a candle lit memorial at the sight, under the tree. The road was the speed bump road, Percival. Saturday, late night, obviously speeding, hits the first speed bump, still pretty fast and then doesn't turn on where the road bends, right before the next speed bump, hits the tree head on, who knows at what speed? You can plainly see a tire skid mark leading up to the tree. Marking whatever last ditch effort was available.

I've seen older hispanic men and women drop off flowers a few times already and this isn't even a 2 week old event. It's sad, but what do you expect to happen when you drive like an asshole? Especially in unknown territory. If you were familiar with that road you would know about the bumps and the curves. I could see how that sounds insensitive but that's how I feel.

I could only imagine if myself or one of my brothers killed themselves or someone else for driving recklessly. I'd be completely devastated but I'd be mad as hell that they were acting like an idiot. Being a jerk isn't a good enough excuse to ruin and end lives.

Anyway, it's my day off (kinda). I had shit I want to do and shit I need to do.

Gotta work on that shed, gotta sell some bikes.
Wanna smoke some trees, wanna read some comics.

Also the gym. Signed up for the gym. It's nice.


[User Picture]From: blueman612
2012-06-02 10:04 pm (UTC)


I wanna go to the gym! also, when's the boat going out again!?
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