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Tragedy and Triumph

the chronicals of a sloth

Sloth Skywalker
6 July 1900
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Hello, my name is T*r*. That's short for T*r*n.
i always feel like listening to music. all the time. always

livin the dream

i tweet there4 i iz

-justhatfuckindeeprawemotion-, 3rd eye vision, armageddon, beavis and butthead, being a dick, biking, binary star, birds, black and white, black outs, blood, boba fett, boobs, boyz in the hood, camel cash, cannabis, cars, cereal, chicken tenders, chillaxin, comedy, daft punk, dark eyes, dark hair, dead prez, death, def poetry, deftones, del tha funky homosapian, dj screw, dreams, ears, eminem, emotion, eoc, fear factory, females, fight club, fighting, finding an understanding, flight, flogging the dolphin, frowns, fucking up, gang starr, god, going to jail, gravediggaz, henry rollins, hieroglyphics, hip hop, homelessness, homestar runner, homicide, humanity, illuminati, individuals, ink, juice (the movie), kenna, learning, letting_life_pass_me_by, liberation, life, liquor, living_life_to_the_fullest, lostprophets, metal, method man, mindless self indulgence, mos def, murder, my life, my own vocabulary, n*e*r*d, necks, night, nissan, nwo, obie trice, old skool, old things, orlando, outkast, parkin lot pimpin, past, people, performance art, personalities, physical attraction, physical confrontation, pissing my money away, radio, raggy clothes, rain, rap, rebel music, ren and stimpy, rocko's modern life, running, sadè, self expression, sex, skating, skill, slacking, sloths, slumber, slurpees, smiles, socializing, soothing sounds, soul, spoke fuckers, spymob, star wars, stars, static-x, strong bad, suck my back, suicide, tapping my fingers, tattoos, tears, tech theatre, testicular cancer, the come up, the darkness, the end, the force, the hustle, the mental things, the neptunes, the pharcyde, the roots, the_art_of_fucking_up, theft, traffic signs, triple 6 mafia, tripping, ufo's, vacant parking lots, vanity, weightlifting, will.i.am, winter park, wolverine, women, wu tang