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Recap For Jan Miles - Tragedy and Triumph [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sloth Skywalker

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Recap For Jan Miles [Jan. 29th, 2012|10:58 pm]
Sloth Skywalker


and then I saved my legs Thursday, due to the weeknd of cycling ahead with the pub crawl and Critical Mass.

Critical mass was the whole let's park at the coffee shop so we don't have to ride back to the park later. typical ride, I branched off for fucks sake. No reason, I did miss the downtown stroll, but I also missed out on the hills. So, yeah.

Saturday pub crawl we parked out at that office by the news paper building. Back roads to the first stop on Mills, back roads to the Milk District, then Thorton Park. From there it was off to the last stop in the heart of downtown on Orange Ave.

That's where my bike got stolen and then I had to hoof it back to the car.

So tally that up your ass...

CM = 8
PBRPC = 5.2

Those look like some rookie ass digits to me.

8 + 5.2 = 13.2

240.4 + 13.2 = 253.6


Like i said I was shooting for 200 miles a month. And I think I'll stay firm to that. These are good numbers for January, but I may have over did it, I don't know. Time will only tell.

Also considering that my place of employment is 7-9 miles from home. Round trip is looking like 14-18. Not too mention if I were to dilly dally. Stopping at shops, food and booze spots, my friends crib, etc...

I wonder what the numbers for February and March are gunna look like.