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I'm Too tired For Anything To Matter - Tragedy and Triumph [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sloth Skywalker

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I'm Too tired For Anything To Matter [Feb. 27th, 2012|10:11 am]
Sloth Skywalker

So much on my mind. It's the kind of stuff that needs to be recorded because the details are precise. I'll begin to forget them a little more every day.

It's also hard to find new music. I know maybe, one other person who I can share msuic with and new stuff. I'm out here on the web and in local publications looking for the new hot ish.
I'm not in a big circle of music freaks.

Not to mention nobody I talk to on a daily basis is into hiphop the way I feel about it and pay attention to it. I can't share that shit with no one. Nobody around me cares.

So many things I enjoy by myself.

But that's fine.

The winter is wrappin up. Typical Florida winter in my eyes. Odd colds streaks. Rain. Lots of wind. Dropped into the 30's a few times. Cold in the morning, hot once the sun comes out. Then it gets cold again.

Spring and sweat is on thew way. I already see's the trees around me doing crazy things. Brown to green.

I wish I had bigger biceps.

I should brush my teeth.

I gotta get down to the bike shop and pick up those free rims I was offered.

I chose the sloth moniker for a reason.