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updateing - Tragedy and Triumph [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sloth Skywalker

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updateing [Apr. 10th, 2012|09:57 am]
Sloth Skywalker
[music |Squarepusher - Ultravisitor | Powered by Last.fm]

Once again some thoughts that I'd liek to write on paper but I'm too lazy to leave my seat and this screen.
I've become a slob when writing physically. It's insane. worse then when I type drunk. When I write I forget so many words. How to spell those words, I mean. Simple words that I know how to spell too. Sometimes I think my mind is going to mush. And not like normal mush but like, I'm an idiot and I haven't had a mental challenge. Like an on paper idiot.

I still know how to not get hit by a car. Or how to play it cool when the time calls for it, etc..

But like, I've been out of school so long. I haven't been writing. I guess it adds up.

I gotta stay sharp in days like these.

I'm waiting to log my thoughs untill this fuckin lasft.fm station loads.

"Clark" radio.

What I did was bookmark a track when I was listening to Pandora at work the other night. So I now log onto last.fm and start a radio station from that. Compare and see what is going on. last.fm and Pandora are on 2 different pages it seems like. Chris keeps tellin me to get up on spotify. I've seen social network users do the whole spotify thing and also I've seen him use it himself and it just seems shitty. mhELL, i DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO USE PANDORA AT FIRST BECASUE i WAS SO DEDICATED TO LAST.FM but I hit the fuckin caps lock key and I'm not going to correct it. But yeah Pandora is so versatile on multiple platforms of listening. Plus they are free, the mobil last.fm app is cash for usage.

Sittting here. kind of buzzed off a few beers. Today is my mom's birthday. It feels to good to have a job because I was able to gift her something of value. I staright up put a price on the bitch though. $100 visa giftcard. A card signed by her sons and some snowballs.

I didn't realize untill when I woke up at about 4AM and logged onto FB to see Ana fucking Vives write on my mother's wall "happy b-day!" So I was like, FUCKING DUH!.

dIDN'T GET HER ANYTHING NOR DID i REMEMBER BUT I hit the caps lock buytton again. SO we ran out and went to walmart neighborhood market.

Still gotta clean the grage. clean my room. do laundry for work tonight. Install the microwave we found in the trash. Oh, and it's game night at Pablo and mARY'S. D& D. I'm a human hunter ranger. Bow skills. Still gotta choose 4 feats.

We can thanks Chris for this. His girlfriend hates it.

I play before work. My bike is good. I got it sworking so no rides fvrom my bro after something breaks on my way out.